Raw Virgin Hair Extensions is Becoming More and More Popular.
Raw virgin hair, the new human hair extensions product which JH Hair Factory have been carrying since 2015, right now it is becoming more and more popular in United States, UK, France, etc. So what is raw virgin hair, why raw virgin hair is so popular among black women? Let JH Hair Expert explain to you.
Raw virgin hair is 100% natural virgin hair, which is cutting from young ladies directly. After the factory sewing the raw virgin hair to hair bundles, they just clean and wash the human hair bundles with shampoo, same treatment as your own hair. There is no any other chemical treatment like acid, silicone, etc. The raw virgin hair is exactly same as your own hair after shampoo washed, very natural hand feel with intact cuticles in one direction. This make sure the raw virgin hair would be no tangling, no shedding, and the lifespan for the raw virgin hair would be very long.
Raw Virgin Hair

In current market, most of the hair extensions suppliers sell three quality hair extensions for black women, non-remy hair, remy hair and virgin hair. Non-remy hair is the lowest quality hair, remy hair is the medium quality hair and virgin hair is the top quality hair. Here we do not talk about virgin hair mixed with remy hair. The price difference between 100% virgin hair and remy hair is huge, so most of the hair suppliers they always mixed virgin hair with remy hair to lower the raw hair material cost, and call this mixed quality hair as virgin hair.

The raw hair materials for non-remy hair and remy hair is same, it is falling off from women naturally. The raw hair for non-remy hair and remy hair is mostly collected from the floors and the bathrooms. 

The hair cuticles for non-remy hair is in two directions, about half in one direction and half in another direction. The different direction hair cuticles would make the hair tangling. The hair suppliers have to treat the non-remy hair with heavy acid to kill the hair cuticles, then the non-remy hair will become no tangling. The acid treatment will make the hair thinner. The thinner hair would be easily shedding and the hair lifespan would be very short. So for non-remy hair, it is easily tangling, shedding and the lifespan is short. The non-remy hair is lowest quality hair.

For remy hair, the hair suppliers use the same raw hair materials as non-remy hair. They use a special machine to correct the hair cuticles in one direction, the percent for the hair cuticles in one direction could be from 80% to 95%, but it can not be 100% in one direction definitely. The hair cuticles in opposite direction would make the hair tangling, so the suppliers would treat the hair with slight acid treatment to make the hair tangling-free.

While for virgin hair, it is cutting from young ladies directly. For 100% virgin hair, the hair cuticles are 100% in one direction, so the virgin hair would not be tangling and surely no need treat with acid. Most of black women like the silky hair, so the suppliers would have the hair with silicone treatment to make the hair more silky. The silicone treatment will damage the hair slightly. You would see the true hair after you have washed the silky virgin hair. 

So ladies, for the silky virgin hair and raw virgin hair, which one do you like the most. You may like the silky virgin hair at the first look, but after you have washed both hair, we believe you would like our raw virgin hair definitely. JH Hair Factory is one of reliable wholesale hair extensions suppliers for more than 20 years. We supply quality hair extensions for worldwide markets, including wholesalers, distributors, hair salons and some hair store. If you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us directly, one of our staff would reply you and provide the best service within 24 hours. Welcome more friends to visit our factory and hope to build up a long-term business relationship with you in future.