The Difference Between Human Hair and Animal Hair.
What do you think if I tell you that your 100% hair wigs maybe mixed with animal hair? Maybe you might oppugn me, but its quite possible. Let me explain what is the difference between human hair and animal hair.

Last month our boss gone to US and visit many hair salons, hair supply store and wholesale hair vendors in New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and got more knowledge about the hair markets. One of the points that cant be ignored is most of hair products on the American market are mixed animal hair even though the seller claim they sold 100% human hair. We are very shocked when our boss told us about this news, cant they pick out the human hair and animal hair, synthetic hair? Some experienced manufacturers almost can do like real ones, if the hair buyer dont contact hair for a long time cant come out, and they also don't have real high quality 100% human hair products to contrast, so usually cant think of their "100% human hair" even "100% virgin human hair" is mixed animal hair. In this case how to pick out 100% human hair and mixed animal hair? Lets make clear that what sort of animal hair can be done hair products.
The Difference Between Human Hair and Animal Hair
Animal hair, there are a lot of long near human hair such as mountain wool, sheep beard and yaki hair, horse hair, camel hair and so on, due to production constraints, the most common is yak hair. Since yak hair has a natural yaki property, it will return to some state even after being straightened and heated by hot water. It's even harder to imagine that Not all animal hair are need to mixed with human hair, for example, in the Africa, natural yaki hair style is very popular, so the yaki products, which are made from cow hair, are hot selling in Africa. For another example, wool, because the wool itself is very white, can be used after lightly produce, then produce white-haired products.

Now we got the knowledge about what kind of animal hair will be used to produce hair products, then how to pick out human hair and human hair mixed animal hair, this also a difficult problem.

Comparing to human hair, animal hair relatively cheap, although some properties are close to human hair, but after all is not completely same. As being mixed with hair will seriously affect the quality of human hair, as well as the spanlife. Therefore, some of the mercenary businessman, factories, according to the different proportion of human hair in animal wool blended into parts, if done well can be like real 100% human hair. We need a lot of experience to distinguish it. Someone maybe think of burning with fire, but human hair and animal hair both contain protein, so cant distinguish by burning.

One easier method is by high temperature water washing. As yaki hair has the natural yaki attribute, even if is straightened, after the high temperature water scald, also can restore some condition. At this point, if you find hair rough in human hair, there is yaki style, there is suspicion of cow hair.

Secondly, high quality human virgin hair is flexible with his hands touching, but pulling hard will break it. And human hair products just like your own hair, its soft, smooth and shiny. But animal hair is fell rough and easy to tangle. But customers usually cant distinguish animal hair by this method, only if you have rich experience on human hair and touch hair everyday.
By the way, human hair is far expensive than animal hair, if a wig over 12 inches less than US$100, I will remind you it would be mixed animal hair.

Do you want to know the hairs you used before whether mixed with animal hair or not? The easiest method is compare. Make a sample order for human hair wigs from JH Hair Factory, one professional wholesale hair extensions suppliers for more than 20 years, you could see the difference between ours and from others. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome clients all over the world to visit our factory.