Mink Hair Weave, What Is Mink Hair Extensions.

In recent years more and more clients would like to seek “mink hair”, when search hair vendors they would ask do you have mink hair weave, or your mink Brazilian hair how much? Then most of wholesale hair vendors would tell you they have mink hair. But wait! What is mink hair extensions? Let us seek the fact of mink hair.


What is mink? If you search "mink" on Google you would see it is an animal that be distinguished to European mink and American hair. The mink fur is exactly high value and soft but the mink hair too short to produce hair extensions. Mink hair is being used to produce 3D eyelash and clothes, as we all know mink hair clothes are very comfortable to wear but very expensive.
So definitely "mink hair weave is not real mink hair, just a market name that people call high quality human hair extensions. But how the mink hair being so popular? And if you search "mink hair" on Google, there are too many results and most of them are virgin hair products being sold.

So why people being so infatuated about the "mink hair"? I think just a hair vendor call their hair products as "mink hair" in order to tell clients their hair is high quality, then clients thought "mink hair products" is most popular and the best quality, then other suppliers even some hair factory follow this trend. Now you might have known that mink hair weave, mink hair extensions is not made by mink hair, all in all, "mink hair" just same as hair grade like 6A, 7A, 8A, 9a, 10A, it is a just a marketing name.

Mink hair, mink Brazilian hair is exactly human hair. Let JH Hair Factory introduce some products high quality enough that be called mink hair by other suppliers. Mink Brazilian hair, 100% human hair bundles. Search our website, you would see Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, all of them are 100% virgin human hair, cutting directly from young girls so that the hair is strong and tangle free. Double stitch to make sure dont shedding, both own single drawn and double drawn to meet different demands.
Brazilian Hair With Frontal

Mink lace wigs, just look though our human hair wigs, including lace front wigsfull lace wigs360 frontal wigs. Someone would say mink hair is higher grade than human hair, not at all, mink hair is too short to produce a wig. So there is no real difference between mink hair and human hair, then mink hair dont like some clients even suppliers said, could be dyed to any color, and the end will be thicker, the lifespan will be longer. All of them determined by the hair material quality. Wigs from JH Hair Factory are with amazing natural hairline and baby hair, our workers with more than 20 years experience on crocheting, they can design suitable wig according to your head size. Please note, although high quality real human hair wigs what people called "mink hair" cant be dyed to light color directly. Because it will destroy the lace if bleach heavier.

Mink hair extensions, like clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, i tip hair extensions, u tip hair extensions are more and more hot selling because people want longer and thicker hair even if they own beautiful hair. The hair extensions must be high quality, there are lots of clients even need double drawn virgin hair. The clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions are easy to wear, use best hair to make the weave and give most natural appearance, keep healthy and strong after washing.

From JH Hair Factory, you could get high quality wholesale hair extensions, lace closure, lace frontal, 360 frontal and lace wigs even though we tell you we have no “mink hair”, we supply human hair, but no animal hair like mink hair. Welcome more and more clients all around world to visit our factory! Welcome!