Keep Your Hair Extensions Last Longer In A Correct Way


Desire for beauty makes women women. Chic ladies never stop chasing their fashion dream. Changing for various hairstyles is definitely an important part in women life. Human hair extensions and human hair weave help ladies in the easiest way and become increasingly popular with its a large number of length, colors and styles. Almost every ladies would keep several pieces different style hair extensions in their closet.

Have you found that you spend a lot of money on human hair extensions and is very happy to wear it, but after a few days when you take it out from the closet, it begins terribly tangle and shedding. You’ve caused much bother by fixing up your human hair extensions. Finally, you get annoyed in a bad mood.

Do you do the right thing to take care of your human hair extensions, which will make you look great and charming. Maybe there are some things you should focus on to make your habit change for a few weeks and stick to it.

JH Hair Factory expert give you’re some suggestions for those chic ladies in trouble to help them out. Pick some and start keep your hair extensions more health and beautiful.
1.Use shampoos that contain vitamin & herbs.
2.Don’t wash your hair extensions too often like more than 2 times a week. Wash in warm water and no harsh treatment to your hair extensions
3.When clean your hair extensions with hair products, keep in mind that never overdose.
4.Best to let the hair air-dry naturally after a wash.
5.Brush and detangle the hair everyday and before you wash with a wide toothed comb.

JH Human Hair wefts: strong and well constructed Tangling&Shedding Free; No chemical processed; Material Use virgin hair; Full cuticle glided Durable and flexibly. End Absolutely full thick healthy end smooth and no split end.