Human hair market is expanding quickly.
The United States of America, the largest consumer market of human hair, make up almost 60% of the world's human hair importation every year. China, the dominant human hair exporter, supplies almost 78% of the world's human hair annually. The recovery of America economic since 2013 as well as China's currency devaluation, also promote the Chinese human hair business. This year there is an quick increase for Chinese exported products human hair.
human hair market
In some rich African country, black women would love to spend one third or even half of her income on hair care and weave. And the fact is that they would continue to do it. In the eyes of African-American people, especially female, human hair bundles shares the same importance as their food, which can be said a necessity of life, but also a luxury. 
The heart of loving beauty exists everywhere. Even as a little schoolgirl, Wanda used to get up at 5:00 am to ensure she had enough time to do her hair before school. And she's not alone all over black community. According to the research, those African-American women with slightly better life quality, have on average of 6-7 sets of hair weave or lace wigs. 
However, even in those developed countries like the United States, for female, it is also a big financial burden to have several sets of hair extensions and wigs. Statistics showed that, in the United States, $100-$200 will be estimated cost to produce one bundle Brazilian hair or a set of wig. On contrary, they can go to a independent Chinese hair extensions online website or hair extension store, which only cost them $50 per bundle on average. After that, wearers pay the local stylist to wear them in. Surprisingly, they find direct Chinese human hair suppliers to help them save half more. 
In the recent years, the human hair consumption and the total import volume in Europe are increasing. 2010-2015, the total human hair imports was up by 12.65% annually. 5 years more, Europe market may increase estimated 11% each year and to 2017, total Europe human hair consumption will reach 1.94 billion dollars in value. 
In this regard, a growing number of Chinese wholesale hair extensions manufacturer find the great business opportunity brought by this strong demand of human hair. In fact, human hair, which do not attack great attention in China, is getting pretty hot in America and also great potential in UK, EU as well as in Africa.