Human Hair Wigs Help You Have A Variety Of hairstyles.

Would you like to have a variety of cute hairstyles in minutes? Human hair wigs would help you have a variety of hairstyles.

Are you afraid of blows, scalds, and dyes that cause damage to your hair? Do not worry! A suitable wig can solve all your problems!

Whether it is to modify the face or change the style, the wig will bring you infinite beauty. However, it said that wearing a wig was a technical activity. If you accidentally, you may mess yourself up.

How to correctly choose a suitable wig and complete the wear and tear, I believe many of my friends do not have a particularly clear concept. So today we’ll come to help you sort out these trivial things about wigs.

Which kind of wig material is better?

At present, there are three kinds of hair materials on the market. Prices range from cheap to high: chemical fiber wigs, chemical fiber/real hair mixed wigs and real hair wigs.


In chemical fiber fiexes, chemical fiber yarns are also divided into canikaren silks, high-temperature yarns, matt silks, etc., so that they can achieve a real level of confusion. However, such wigs are usually more suitable for cosplay enthusiasts or friends with occasional play.


The mixed wig of chemical fiber and human hair is moderately priced and the effect is more realistic. You can choose to wear it normally.


Human hair is made using a semi-hand weaving process. It has the characteristics of dyeable and hot repeatable styling and is suitable for consumers who have high requirements for wigs. And real hair wigs are not easy to knots, the use of time can be longer, but compared to the first two, real hair prices will be higher.


We have conducted surveys in the United States market. Most products sold in the United States are chemical fiber/hair-fabric blends. The similarity to 100% real human hair is very high, and non-professional wig buyers cannot distinguish themselves. So the price will be lower, and all of our products are 100% real human hair. Can stand the quality test. Good Quality with Competitive price.


I recommend you to use real human hair products. They are not only of good quality and last a long time, but also like your own hair, comfortable and natural.

What are the types of wigs?

Wigs can usually be divided into lace front wigs, full lace wigs, 360 frontal wigs.


The locality hair piece can be used as a finishing touch on the basis of the original hairstyle, which can make the hair appear fuller. However, it should be noted that if you choose a locality hair tress, you must choose the same or seemingly coordinated color with your own hair color, which can modify the local hair, increase the overall saturation and fashion sense.


Different lengths and curls can create different styles for different occasions.

The hairdressing set can quickly modify the face shape and quickly change the style of the image.

How to wear a "smart" wig?

There are many ways to wear a wig, and people often use their own tips. But in general, as long as the hair net is worn, it is very easy to wear a wig again, but you may wear it if you have no experience. If you do a specific operation, you have to practice more on your own.

How nurse "annoying" wig care?

Like our hair, a wig also requires meticulous care. For those who are just starting to try to wear a wig, it may be unfamiliar with the care of the wig and do not know how to start. But it doesn't matter. With regard to the wig care, you can look down and you will know~


Wash your wigs with cold water or warm water. Use shampoo for shampooing when you wash, and use it with hair conditioner.


Do not use a hair dryer when cleaning your wig. If you are anxious to use it, you can only dry it with a cold wind! After wiping the wig, usually use a dry towel to gently dry the excess water on the wig, and then dry it in a ventilated place. Take care to avoid direct sunlight.


Don't comb your wig immediately after you wash it and wait for the wig to dry before combing. And use a special comb for wig combing, or anti-static board comb, can not be combed with a plastic comb or comb comb oh.


If your wig knots well, don't pull hard! Should be sprayed with a special non-oily maintenance fluid for the wig and slowly open it carefully. The fabric softener is used in water and the wig combing effect is also good.


One more questions, Maybe you don't know how to choose human hair wigs, don't worry, you can try our product, it will make you realize what is 100% real human hair quality product.


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