Human Hair Products Ranking Third in the Cross-Border E-Commerce.
Among the most popular commodity exported to foreign countries in the cross-border e-commerce platform, human hair market is a unexpected blue ocean which rank third only after clothing and mobile phone. Great demand and great profit may give birth to a new virgin world in Chinese oversea B2C and B2B.

Chinese businessman, Mr. Huang, is a human hair supplier in Shanghai and he open his online hair store on a well-known Chinese cross-border e-commerce platform. Right products, right target market and right target customers are three important aspects which a new businessman should know clearly. At the very beginning, Mr. Huang did not set up his own business as a human hair supplier. After college graduation in 2002, his first business was a overseas wholesale textile exporter. However, he found textile was a small market. In the hot season, it was hard to drive forward, so he decide to find a new way out. By chance, one of his friends suggested he should try human hair business. Then he exchanged all the textile products into human hair products in his hair store and become one of the human hair suppliers to foreign markets.

You can found all types of human hair in Mr. Huang online store, ranging from Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair weave, Indian hair weave, Malaysian hair weave, Mongolian hair weave, lace closures, lace frontals, human hair wigs, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions and micro loop hair extensions, etc. Mr. Huang said his target customers were those higher income group with dark-skinned, so America and Europe are two main markets for his products. Why to choose dark-skinned people, it is because for natural reasons, their hair grow very slowly and the hair they grows often curls upwards and tight. They need to wear wigs or weaves so that they have flexibility in their look, especially female who prefer to change their look by difference hair style or by extending the natural hair. They have great demand of human hair and abandon the old one 3-6 months on average.

In air Products Show in Atlanta, getting in deep touch with Black-American culture, Mr. Huang have known more about these dark-skinned group. Here in this music surrounding city, Atlanta, human hair products is in the strong demand. For me, putting in my hair extensions feels like a confidence booster, like a man wearing a smart suit. In addition, he found that if he could enter the market with his products directly from factory to target customers via online store. In Atlanta, he saw that most human hair products come from South Korea and South Koreans retail store owners. Actually you know South Koreans buy hair products from Chinese human hair manufacturer. The idea coming up in business mind is he can break into this market, selling his hair products on online.

"Besides the lower price than local American retailer, strict quality control and good service are the reasons that they rank number 10 in sales volume. We are a directly human hair factory, which make us much advantage in United Statues than South Korean companies" Mr Huang said. 

However, in the course of development, inevitably, Mr. Huang will encounter various difficulties. On the one hand, in the near two years, there is a fierce competition as more and more people entered to this market, which is a great pressure for him. On the other hand, prices are running wild all over China. Overall, opportunities vs difficulties & blue ocean vs red ocean in this new huge market. Mr. Huang still believe in their future, one day they would open their own retail store in Atlanta.