How To Protect Your 'Leave Out' With Hair Extensions & Hair Wigs
Leave out can help you protect your human hair extensions and human hair wigs, hide the traces of your wigs,make our wigs to keep healthy,blending is not easy, but "leave out" can help you reduce the stress of hair damage, breaking and shedding. So most ladies love "leave out" to make the natural hairline, Usually I would recommend you do "leave out" about 1 inch to 2 inches sew-in size on the wigs front so this requires us to have some sewing skills to achieve it and now I will share with you some tips about how to protect your "Leave Out" with hair extensions & hair wigs.

Firstly Leave out little hair

Leave out little hair on the wigs front not only can make your wigs looks like very natural but also can help you better management of your hair. Less hair is easier to manage. There are have three kind of "leave out" middle part, side part, and free part .this is our most common hair style.

Middle Part is more popular than others, It is easy to manage. Do more in our daily life
The Side part is beautiful, that you can make a right side part and left side part, it is dramatic most ladies love this, Side part can let every girl show their dreaming hair edges.
The Free part is free you can make the middle part also can make the side part, It’s not fixed. You can do whatever you want "leave out".
For this three kind of leave out you all need make little hair, this also can keep your hair style right and make your wigs healthy. the less hair you leave out, the less management you have to do in the future.

Trucked Away Your Hair
Leave out is preeminent it can make your wigs front looks very natural and hide the track of sewing in and lace, make your wigs looks very natural and Pre-plucked, Leave out also is accomplished, you don’t have to worry much about the damage of your front hair, let you become very confident when you wear wigs, expect to leave out,also have others way can have a natural looking. Like lace closure, lace frontal, and lace wigs

Lace Closure
Lace closure is a good way to have a natural looking, you can truck away from your hair.
Usually, the lace closure have different size 4x4", 5x5", 6x6" and so on, the most common size is 4x4", this different size can meet our different demand for the leave out.
These different Closures all can make a different part like the middle part, side part, and free part. realistic hairline and very flat front, you also can, bleach knot to get invisible knot with different hair texture like a straight, wavy and curly.this also the reason of people love closure.
You can order closure from JH Hair Factory, now our factory have large stock for different length and texture with affordable price about $15 to $66

Lace frontal 
Lace frontal also is a way to have a natural looking , this plucking size a bigger, ear to ear for the whole front usually have 13x4,13x6 this 2 size, you can get 4 inch part or 6 part with middle part, side part, and free part. A Lace frontal is more coverage than lace this’s why many people like it. Lace frontal most same lace closure also have many hair lengths with different texture usually 8 inches to 20 inches have large stock with a straight, wavy and can directly bleach out to have invisible knots and let your wigs very natural.
360 frontal is special frontal, it is a whole circle leave out , not only protect your front also can protect your can directly be glued, sew and taped 360 is very convenient.

Lace Wigs
Lace wigs is another way to protect your leave out hairstyle. they can cover for whole our hair and this way now the easiest way to have natural can directly wear your head no need custom just need to add some clips and adjustable belt to keep wigs on your head, you can easily get different hair lengths and hair can try very convenient.

Now more and more people know the importance of protecting "leave out", It can make our wigs life-span is longer and reduce the damage to our wigs.