How To Wear A Wig and Make It Look Natural.

Nowdays, more and more women would love to wear a human hair wig. The wig can not only expand the beauty of women, but also change different styles and temperaments. How to wear a wig and make it look natural? Here are some skills.


a. A Wig

b. Hair Clips

c. Hairnet

d. Comb

1. Operation method

Fix your hair to the head with a hairpin to prevent it from falling off, about in the back of the head.

2. Place the hairnet over the head and cover it with the head so that the hairnet is sufficient to wrap the hair.


3. Prepare a wig style that you like, then use a comb to comb the wig straight to prevent it from knotting.

Comb Wig

4. Check to see if all hair is wrapped around the hairnet. If it is not completely wrapped, it should be fixed with a hair clip to allow subsequent wigs to be worn.


5. Wear the wig on the head and adjust the height to the right and left. When you bring it, you must take it from the back and forth and take bangs into a natural style.
Natural Hair Wigs

Many people shorten the life of a wig because of its misuse. How does it last for a long time?

During the use of the wig, if knotting occurs, do not pull hard, otherwise it may cause the wig to be short or out. It is best to use maintenance fluids to maintain the wig, spray slowly and carefully after the geographical open, and then comb the whole.


Do not use a wig to expose to the sun, and dry it. After combing, apply a special care solution for human hair wig. It is enough. The wig usually needs to be protected with a solution. Long hair on the scalp can get the body's nutritional supply, while the wig is no nutrient supply, in order to protect the normal gloss of the wig, each wiping can be sprayed on the wig wig special care solution, do more nutritional care, evening fake Dispensed on the wig stand.


Remember, if there is a fall off of the wig, it is not a quality problem. This is a normal phenomenon. Virgin hair also has hair loss, not to mention wigs.


When cleaning the wig, first put the wig comb straight into the water, remember, it is best not to use ordinary shampoo to clean, it is recommended that you use a professional wig maintenance solution to wash, so as to ensure the wig The service life. Always wear wigs to 15 to 30 days to clean one time is appropriate, with warm water or cold water, do not use hot water, when washing can not rub, you want to bubble 5 to 10 minutes, then wash the circle, can not be like washing clothes Like oh. Do not use force to twist. After washing, tap the water with a dry towel, choose a real human hair wig, but because of the incorrect washing method, the life of the wig is greatly reduced.


If you have a long wig, remember that you must comb gently when combing, and it's best not to take care of it in groups. Instead, you need to divide it into several groups to take care of it. will be better.


When not using a wig, remember that you shouldn't use your wig. It's best to use a hair net to put the wig cover on the box and put it in the box so that when you next use it, you won't get knotted. Such phenomena. Must not be folded or clamped in clothes.


When wiping the hair, the wig must be gently applied. Pull the root of the hairline. Do not use an ordinary comb. Use special combs for wigs, iron combs, or steel combs. Prevent static electricity from hanging on the net. Do not use plastic combs.


For real hair wigs, the advantage is that you can just take care of, real hair can use hair spray or stereotypes water, can be used as their own hair toss, in the choice of wigs, we must first make the size of the wig and the wearer's head circumference the same . Too small a sense of oppression affects the head's blood circulation, causing headaches, dizziness, etc.; too large a lack of security, based on the appropriate model, depending on the width of the forehead, to wear it in place. The amount is wide, and the court is longer. When wearing it, the wig edge will be slightly pulled down, and it will be supported by hair curtains with a certain amount of hair. When the amount is narrow and the court is short, the edge of the wig is slightly upward, but it should not be too upward. Leave a small amount of hair curtains as a foil.

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