How To Take Care Of Tape In Hair Extensions.

How To Take Care Of Tape In Hair Extensions.
It is every woman’s dream to have beautiful natural hair. African American women would prefer wear hair bundle deals or human hair wigs, while white women prefer add some hair extensions to have a longer and thicker hair, that’s why hair extensions become more and more popular these years, and there are new hair extensions coming into the market, like 6D hair extensions. But clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions still the most popular from the market because they are easy to wear.

Since the hair extensions are high value, so every woman hope her extensions keep long life. And hair extensions will demage your own hair with wrong approaches. So how to take care for your tape in hair extensions? Some ladies can maintain the beautiful quantity for over one year, even reuse and re-tape your hair extensions, they just following these tips. We only discuss human hair extensions here.
How To Take Care Of Tape In Hair Extensions

1. Brush to keep the hair tangle free every day. It’s will be better if use a hair extensions brush. Please knot never brush your hair extensions while the hair is wet. If the hair extensions have some tangles, please use a wide tooth combs to comb them.

2. Make sure the hair is dry when you sleeping. A good way to keep the hair from tangleing is put the hair into a braid.

3. Summer is a season for swimming, please dry your hair right away after swimming, and don't take a long time bath, since the heat water will demage the tape.

4. Use high quality haircare products, without any oil, alcohol or ethanol, these components will demage your hair extensions and the tape. The best choice is the 100% natural plant hair conditioner. When using hair conditioner, please dont smear the hair conditioner to the hair roots, just from mid-shaft to ends. And more importantly, the haircare products cant overdoes.

5. Try not to bleach and dye hair extensions by yourself. If you want to cut, dye or restyle your tape in hair extensions, please look for a professional hairdresser.

6. Dont wash hair extensions frequently. And just use cold water or warm water to wash, DO NOT USE HEAT WATER!

7. Dry your tape in hair extensions immediately, and especially the roots, otherwise it will have the tape lose viscosity. And it will be better if you wrap your hair with a towel to remove the mositure instead of use a blowdryer. If you have to use blowdryer to dry your hair extensions because the tight time, please keep a medium temperature to avoid demage the hair.

8. Hair extensions are not based from the roots although they are real human hair, so hair extensions have no oils and nutrients as there own hair. Therefore, if you want to use methion to curly or straighten your hair extensions, please knot set a lower temperature. By the way, before you styling them, please use heat protectant to protect your hair extensions.


Most importantly, choice a high quality tape in hair extensions have a definitive influence of the hair span life. Tape in hair extensions from JH Hair Factory made by 100% unprocessed virgin hair, its will be high quality also you order a highlight color one. And our factory supply clip in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, and new popular 6D hair extensions as well.


It sames the tips I have mentioned is simple, but its still to understand that you cant take care for your hair extensions as the way you treat your own hair. Im sure if you take good care for your hair extensions, then they will keep a long lifespan and can re-taped while the tape is non stick.


Tape in hair extensions really a good method to let your hair long and thick because they are invisiable. If you still unsure about haw to take care for the tape in hair extensions, please feel free to contact us directly. As a factory based wholesale hair vendor, we always supply quality hair extensions at competitive prices to hair distributors, hair store, hair salons, hair stylists and retail clients. Welcome clients!!!