Guide To Hair Extensions Treatment.
When you walk into a hair salon, you're usually greeted with a wide array of hair extensions treatments to choose from. If you aren't sure about what you want, the chances of you getting talked into booking multiple hair extensions treatments becomes high. After all, it's difficult to flat out refuse an attendant who's quite persuasive in her salestalk. This serves as a handy guide for when it's time to visit the local salon. Get a gist of what the usual treatments will offer your hair extensions so you won't be baffled during your next appointment.


Hot oil. This is one of the most basic and affordable treatments offered in hair store or at a hair extensions online website. You can actually do it yourself at home, but if you have the extra budget, why not treat yourself? Hot oil treatments are good for dandruff and dry your hair extensions. It helps in restoring the moisture that was stripped off from excessive styling and heat exposure. Women who have dyed their hair extensions are encouraged to have this treatment weekly to preserve vibrance.


Hair spa. Another inexpensive treatment is hair spa. Though similar to hot oil, this focuses on strengthening hair extensions through deep conditioning. If you'd like to bring back the volume in your frizzy hair extensions, then this is the way to go. Circulation is aided through the treatment. Best of all, you get to restore your hair extensions to its former glory while getting the rest and relaxation you deserve.


Rebond. This treatment is best for those who are struggling with taming their locks. It makes use of chemicals to straighten the hair extensions. It involves two phases: application of the softener and neutralizer. During the process, the bonds of the hair extensions are broken. This is when hair extensions can be straightened. When the neutralizer is applied, new bonds are formed so that the hair extensions will keep its desired look. Extra care must be taken when having your hair extensions rebonded because it is quite vulnerable even after the procedure.  Usually, the hair extensions cannot be washed for two-three days. Also, it cannot be tied or even tucked behind the ears.


Brazilian blowout. Something new in the hair salons is the Brazilian blowout. Your treatment is tailored to your desired results. It basically hydrate your hair extensions and protects it from damage. If you've been having a difficult time styling your hair extensions, then this is a great time-saver. It effectively removes frizz and adds shine to your tresses. Best of all, you won't have to worry about not washing or styling your hair extensions after the treatment. You're good to go right after the procedure.


These are just a few examples of common hair extensions treatments at the salon. Now that you have an idea of the purpose of each, you can decide on what to avail of during your next visit. If you are still unable to decide, you can approach your local stylist and have hair extensions assessed.

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