Fashionable Ombre Hairstyles In 2017.

The world of fashion – particularly women’s fashion - is a chameleon; it changes its face every season of every year of every decade. And the main element that makes one fashion trend suitable with the other is hair extensions. The color and style of hair you pick to match with a certain fashion trend can either make it all look as glamorous as ever, or the entire opposite. So talking about hairstyles this year, 2017 is seeing one specific hairstyle the most prominent out of them all, the ombre hairstyles.

Don’t know much about it? Here are some basics about the ombre hair styles. It’s mainly a hair coloring procedure in which hair color is made to gradually blend from one color to another – a form of color transitioning technique. It’s derived from the French word meaning “shadow” or “shade” and gained popularity around 2010, remains one of the hottest hair color trends ever since.

So what’s so special about it? Well, an ombre is a great way to crash a low maintenance look without sacrificing style. It’s soft, has a boho and indie sort of feel to its look; and it’s natural with endless color choices. So in case you’re wondering what an ombre hair color wouldactually look like and whether you can pull it off then below are some of the best fashionable ombre hairstyles for you this year.

1. Mermaid black to green long hair ombre
This is one of the most fashionable ombre look to go for, with almost any clothing style. It brings a laid back yet I-run-this-show kind of look on long hair.

2. Blue ombre on full forehead bangs
Looking for something classy? This is just the pick for you. Be the center of the limelight with full bands flashing with this ombre hair color.

3. Balayage ombre
If you admire that Julia Roberts sort of elegance, this is the pick for you. It can carry itself well on almost all lengths of hair, bangs or no bangs. This will perhaps never go out of style.


4. Jet black to hot pink ombre
Give your hair that extra tinge of funky with this ombre style. That Halsey look it’ll give off is just a plus point for you.

5. Metallic and lavender long hair ombre
Talk about grunge hairstyle, this is just the best pick for it. Soft yet dominating, it’ll make your hair look extra smooth as well.

6. Purple and green peacock ombre
Want to go for a more intense touch of grunge AND funky? This is the best there is, giving your hair that flare of life often missing in many hairstyles.

7. Silver and purple bob ombre
Short wouldn’t outrun the classy element if it’s laced with this silver or purple ombre. A glamorous, turn-of-the-century look that’s easy to carry and feels comfortable.

8. Heavy brown to red ombre
There’s a reason why women like Nicole Kidman and Connie Nielson went for this style: because it’s highly empowering and captivating.

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