Enjoy Wearing A Wig To Work In The Summer

The summer is a very fashionable season, ladies would dress up for themselves, enjoy wearing a wig to work or on vacation in the summer, hairstyle is absolutely the most important aspect of it. In the summer, ladies always want to have refreshing human hair wigs hairstyle, so that make them look like very energetic, and also can't be hot enough to sweat. Actually, there are many kind of hairstyles are suitable for summer. Different hairstyles will have different style of charm.

a. Wig haircut

Short haircut still is popular in the summer, most of ladies would choose short wigs in hot weather, usually recommend 8" to 16", these length is very suitable, not only can’t make you too hot, have a lot of sweat. But also can make them more stylish, feel cool, so this haircut you must be think over.

Curly haircut also is good choice in hot summer, about curly hair can choose deep curly, loose curly and kinky curly also have kinky straight and natural wave with low density(130% density), these haircut give you a feeling of fully, not too thick, which makes you feel very hot.
short curly hair wigs

b. Wigs color

Light color must be a good choice, this color won’t absorb a lot of sunlight, you couldn’t feel very hot, these color is stylish very suitable summer, also have 2 Tone color, 3 Tone color, mixed color and Piano color also is more popular in summer, you must be try them.

c. Wigs material

The quality of human hair is very important in summer, so recommend 100% human hair with out any mixed wigs, this kind of material, longtime exposure to high temperature sunlight also have little damage to the hair, if not human hair or have mixed, the wigs will be break damage, like hair broken hair, this really bad.

In order to we can more enjoy our sunbathing in summer, really suggest you choose 100% human hair wigs. This also very comfortable. Choosing a breathable lace cap also important, this can make your head feel more comfortable. Usually people will choose Swiss lace cap, because swiss lace is comfortable, wearable and breathable, it has many color can suitable for your skin color.

d. Wigs washing

In summer, suggest you washing your wigs every 4-5 days, this is ok.

You don't need to wash your wigs everyday, in fact, washing them to much can cause damage for the hair, 4-5 days to washing a time will keep you wigs looking fresh and more breathable, keeping you much more cool and comfortable.

Take good care your wigs like your own hair, you find this is really good.

e. Wigs Keeping

Summer is a swimming pool party and beach holiday time. If you only play and play on the water, it's OK to avoid to making wet wig, but if you want to swim, suggest taking off the wig, put it safely in a cool, dry place, and change into your favorite swimming cap or scarf, which can enjoy your swimming better, because in sea or swimming the water contain these acidic ingredients, which will be damage your wigs.

Of course, you can not only choose wigs in summer, like human hair bundles with lace closure or lace frontal, hair extensions like clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, etc, which are all good summer choices. You can try a variety of styles to make yourself more fashionable and outstanding in the summer.

I hope these suggestions will help you. You can enjoy your wig in summer, also We hope you have a fresh, comfortable and very happy summer!

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