Some Cute Hairstyles For Summer 2018
Hi My name is Wendy from JH Hair Factory, one of best hair extensions suppliers in China for more than 20 years. I am very curious why there are more and more clients ask me about synthetic hair recently, but our hair factory never produce synthetic hair. Then I asked one of my customers about this, she told me it is just because the summer is coming, synthetic hair is more breathable than human hairAlthough I dont know why some people think so, I can tell you its unscientific. The most important reason is at present, the synthetic hair products on the market is mostly low temperature silk, low temperature silk is flammable,so the hair temperature must be high. And for the other hand, synthetic hair is unnatural and uncomfortable, the hair silk is hard based.

ut every ladies need hair in the summer. Summer is the season for every lady who enjoy dressing up. Just think about that you wear a beautiful dress to enjoy the summer holiday by the sea, it must be a very good experience, but what if without a hair when you walking on the beach? I think it must be a very terrible experience. Synthetic hair is unsafe, without hair is not beautiful, so the best advice is choice a human hair products. Now Id like to introduce some cute hair styles for Summer 2018.

1. Making a ponytail
onytail is the hair style that will never out of date, and it is easy to wear. One key to have the ponytail fashionable and charming is make shredded hair opon both cheeks, and have the hair shaggy also very important. Usually in order to let the hair shappy, you can come your hair from end to root. The others like bang are according to your face. Ponytail from JH Hair Factory have different weight and style to meet your different demand. If you think straight ponytail is too naive and pure, you could choice slight wavy or curly one to make yourself look mature and intellectuality.
Making A Ponytail
2. Making a braiding
In the summer, thick and ling hair always give us some heat, this time braided hair also not a bad choice. Detangle your hair at first,then divided the hair into three parts, then braid the hair regular and use elastic band bundle the end.Thats case a easy braid hair is finished. If you dont want the braided hair so rigid, just shaggy the hair like ponytail. And if you want the hair leave your nake please bundle the root as same.Ive seen that someone use small flowers to adorn the braid. So this style let ladies very elegant.
Making A Braid
3. Making a Bun
The best choice hair products for make a bun is 360 lace frontal wigs. Just bundle a wisp of the hair at first, then take the extra hair round the bundle, a easy and fresh bun hair style is finished. Of course there are many different ways to make a bun, here I just take a example, more bun hair style need your discovery and attempt. Order best quality human hair wigs, or a 360 lace frontal and 2-3 hair bundles from us, try different bun hair style freely by yourself is a good enjoy in this summer!
Making A Bun
4. Short cut bob wig

As we all know bob wigs style is a fashionable hair style in the summer, bob hair is fresh since it’s short. It’s also have straight, wavy and curly to meet different ladies’ preferences, and fits ladies of any age. Someone will wear a straight full lace wig or even own hair to cut bob style at hair salon. Now please don’t do that, technician from JH Hair Factory can make a perfect bob style human hair full lace wig for you, for your summer!
Bob Wigs 

I firmly believe every ladies can’t reject beautiful and fresh hair in the beautiful summer, let our expert recommend the hair style fits you, fits the summer! If you have any other questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome clients all around the world!