5 Steps To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural.
Hair extensions are an amazing thing to make your hair look extremely beautiful and it’s an added bonus when they look natural, mimicking all the traits of luscious natural hair. It all comes down to your selection of hair extensions if you want to ensure that no one figures out that you are indeed wearing extensions. The beauty of seamless hair extensions is that no one will feel the difference between natural hair and extensions even if they run their hands along your hair. The feel and touch will be exactly the same and anyone stroking your hair will instantly fall in love with them and will definitely want to know about your best kept secret.

Here are some easy tips to give that all natural feel to your hair extensions. 

1-Add enough hair extensions to cover up all the layers

The choice of hair extensions depends upon the density of your hair. If you have thick voluminous hair, then you need more hair extensions than those people who have thin hair to match the density of your natural hair. Same goes for people with short hair, as they have to add more hair extensions to compensate for the many layers of short hair that they have.

2-Hair extension selection according to your hair type

Wearing traditional clip extensions is not suitable for people who have extremely thin hair as fine hair or thin hair are weighed down by such heavy clip in hair extensions and their whole appearance is marred. Make sure you choose extensions that have seamless thin clip wefts or for super thin hair, semi permanent hair extensions will do the trick.

3- Hair extensions that are compatible with your hair color

If your hair has a unique color such as having a red tinge or some other rare color, you will have to buy hair extensions that share color compatibility with them. Otherwise, anyone will be able to distinguish between your natural hair and hair extensions. The trick to matching your hair extensions is to match them with your hair ends and not to their roots. Make sure you try out a free color match before buying extensions to affirm that these extensions are the right ones for you.

4- Use of two or more lengths of hair extensions

You will have to use hair extension of varying lengths if you have very long hair. Why is that? The longer length hair extensions are necessary match the length of your longer hair threads and the smaller hair extensions to cover up several layers of your short hair.

5- Go for the best hair extensions

This is one of the most important details to consider if you choose to use hair extensions. You should do proper research before buying hair extensions and check out customer reviews before making your pick. Most of the time, people go for cheap hair extensions that become frizzy and become incompatible with your hair texture after the first wash. Spending more money on hair extensions is not a bad idea in the long run because they are more durable and are of better quality. JH Hair Factory Limited is one of reliable and professional wholesale hair extensions suppliers and hair extensions manufacturers in China. We are dealing for both wholesale hair, dropship hair clients and some hair supply store. If you have any questions or inquires, please do not hesitate to visit our webpage and contact us directly. One of our staff will reply your questions or inquires within 24 hours. Welcome to visit our factory and look forward to building up a long-term business relationship with you.