5 Hair Extension Care Mistakes to Avoid.
Not everyone is a hair professional, which means it can be tricky to give your human hair extensions the right care they deserve especially when they deserve double the care due to having extensions. So for those of you who have hair extensions, such as human hair bundles, clip in hair extensions, etc, it becomes unlikely to trust all the sources out there providing so called guidelines on common mistakes to avoid for hair extension care. Some of those tips don’t even cut to the chase, so it’s only fair you have knowledge about the most basic yet common mistakes to avoid when it comes to caring for hair extensions.
Hair extension care

If you want to prevent any harm to your precious tresses, here are some common hair care mistakes you ought to avoid:


1. Over handling
This includes giving multiple strokes to your hair with a brush; shampooing your hair and so forth.Such methods are not only purposeless when it comes to hair extensions, but they also damage your natural hair…by destroying your scalp as well as your follicles. Such a mistake can be avoided by using a gentler touch to your hair that is, giving them just the right amount of care; not to less nor too much.

2. Over washing
This is one of those care mistakes that goes unnoticed much too often, and is usually the cause of hair extension damage…much too often. Sure, there’s no exact set number of times one should wash their hair, but doing it much too often is unhealthy for extensions, because most of the shampoos cause irritation if used a lot. Use specialized products. If you really feel the need to over wash your hair, using good quality, brand-trusted product conditioners is the best way to ensure that all that washing doesn’t wash out the extensions too.

3. Over heating
Hot styling damages your hair the most, perhaps. It’s just bad news for hair extensions too. This commonly committed mistake can be easily avoided by choosing the natural method: let your hair dry naturally. If you happen to have bushy hair and the natural method doesn’t bode well with you, use a hair dryer or a curling iron, making sure to apply the heat evenly.

4. Over stressing

This implies putting stress on your scalp and hair follicles, by making braids and ponytails etc. It pulls the hair extensions to an amount that’s greater than they’re meant to withstand, resulting in their damage. So be gentle while are using any hair accessories and remove them after a while to let your scalp and follicles relax.

5. Excessive use of hair dyes and other treatments
Dying your hair will never go out of fashion…but a bad hair extension make over sure will. It’s as important to do it right as it is to look good in the first place. So using hair dying with hair extensions shouldn’t be done carelessly. Do not use poor-quality products nor apply them incorrectly because they can damage your locks a lot. Leave the coloring to trained professionals.

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